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UKS2 - Years 5 & 6

Year 5 Home Learning Ideas: 

WB  11.5.2020

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Remember, you all also have a range of online learning tasks that can be completed every day!


Activity ideas


  • Read for 20 minutes every day
  • Keep a record of the books you read
  • Write an interesting book review for each book you finish
  • Based on the books you have read, create your own dictionary of key vocabulary from your books and each words meaning
  • Find something to read to someone else in your home each day - use a range of voices and tone to make the story interesting to those listening 


  • Design and create a detailed, labelled drawing of an Egyptian Queen or a Pharaoh
  • Use the images as a stimulus for a story about the Queen and Pharaoh.
  • Plan your story carefully so that it includes a beginning, build up, exciting events and conclusion that are organised into linking paragraphs.
  • Ensure your plan is detailed and organised. Edit and annotate your notes so it is ready for the final story.
  • Write up the final version of your story; ensure it includes a range of sentence starters, conjunctions and embedded clauses
  • Using your knowledge of Egyptians and the online lesson, plan, draft and create a formal report on them:


  • Write out at least 5 times tables a day, using Toolbox methods
  • In year 5 you should be able to read, write and order numbers to 1,000,000 – how high can you go in writing numbers in order? Alternate the colour of odd and even numbers when writing
  • Draw a four-quadrant grid. Plot the coordinates (2,6) (4,11) (6, 6). Translate this shape into each of the four quadrants using the x and y axis
  • Create your own shapes in a grid to reflect – how interesting a shape can you create?
  • Try some on the activities on the Oxford Owls Maths Page:

Other Challenges

Year 6 Home Learning Ideas: 

WB 18.5.2020

Remember, Year 6 can also use Purple Mash to contact their teachers if they have any learning queries 


  • Read for 20 minutes every day
  • Keep a record of the books you read
  • Try and read a range of genres including information, news reports and poetry
  • Read the online story:
  • Share what you liked and didn’t like about it with your family.
  •  Write a new story about Ben and Charlie
  • Gather a wide range of man-made and natural objects. Plan and write an investigation to test the materials against each other.
  • Make predictions about what will happen to each material before you test them – Which are stronger? Why? Which are more resilient to the weather? Why?
  • Write a diary entry for each day f the week – focus on your feelings each day and why you are feeling the way you are
  • Below are descriptions of 12 types of poems – over the week, write your own version of each poem type – try and use a common theme for all your poems
  • Write out at least 5 times tables a day, using Toolbox methods
  •  Practice multiplying and dividing decimals:
  • Calculate the area of the different  rooms in your house (measure how  wide and how long it is and multiply  them together). You will need to use long multiplication. 
  • Complete the daily maths  challenges here to figure out the escape room code by the end of the week 

Other Challenges


Poem types: 


Years five and six (Upper KS2)  have a book based curriculum that ensures coverage of all the National Curriculum subjects in an interesting and engaging way. 

Year 5 Subject Overview 


Year 6 Subject Overview