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UKS2 - Years 5 & 6

Year 5 - Weekly Home Learning Pack: 

Click here to download the year 5 learning pack for this week

Year 5 Home Learning Ideas: 

WB  6.7.2020

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Remember, you all also have a range of online learning tasks that can be completed every day!


Activity ideas



  • Work through the ‘Thinking Point’ tasks in the Rainforest Activity Pack
  • Create a list of all the animals in the world you can think of
  • Order the animals alphabetically in reverse!
  • Classify the list into animal types e.g. mammal, reptile etc.

Copy and complete the below grammar challenges:


  • Write out at least 5 times tables a day, write each one forwards and backwards
  • 3 minute challenge: how many times tables can you write out (and correctly answer) in three minutes?  
  • Repeat everyday this week and try and improve your score each day
  • Continue to try some of the activities on the Oxford Owls Maths Page:



Copy and complete the following decimal activities:

Other Challenges

  • Get creative – using something you have learnt about the Amazon, create a piece of art work to represent it – however you choose, whatever media you choose
  • Take a photo of and share some of your work with us -

Year 6 - Weekly Home Learning pack: 

Click here to download the year 6 learning pack for this week

Year 6 Home Learning Ideas: 

WB 6.7.2020

Remember, Year 6 can also use Purple Mash to contact their teachers if they have any learning queries 


  • Read for at least 20 minutes every day
  • Keep a record of the books you read
  • Read three different books by the same author
  • Compare the two books, what are the key features / aspects that are similar or different to each other?

The Lighthouse


  • Write a newspaper story of the event
  • Include interviews with lighthouse keeper, villagers and men from the boat.
  • Create a story board of key events.
  • Write a recount of the events.
  • Write own story about the lighthouse, where the problem is solved in a different way

Look at the picture, How many questions relating to the picture can you come up with?


Level up your grammar - 

  • List 12 adverbials (including at least 3 fronted adverbials)
  • Use each one within a different sentence about similar topics
  • Use sentence openers and conjunctions to gather 6 of your sentences and ideas into a paragraph? (You may have to adapt / edit some of your sentences to make your paragraph make sense)

Copy and complete the grammar challenges below:

  • Write out at least 5 times tables a day, try and learn a new times table each day
  • Write out at least 5 times tables a day, try and practice a different times table each day
  • Pick a different year group from the school and create your own challenge cards full of number sentences that involve a mix of the four operations.
  • Work out the answers and record them on a separate card
  • (If you send the challenges into us we will give them to other children in school to complete!)

  • Learn about Scale Factors using BBC Bitesize lessons:
  • Calculate the scale factor of the shapes below, using the given information


Other Challenges

  • Get creative. Bsed on anything youve learnt in the last few weeks, create a 3D model about what you have learnt. 
  • Share pictures of your work with the school -



Years five and six (Upper KS2)  have a book based curriculum that ensures coverage of all the National Curriculum subjects in an interesting and engaging way. 

Year 5 Subject Overview 


Year 6 Subject Overview