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Our Staff

As a school, we encourage strong parental partnerships with our staff.

We would like to remind parents that if they have a worry or concern to first make contact with their child's class teacher who will ensure they make themselves available after school during the week. 

Due to current, on site restrictions, if you would like to speak to your child's teacher, either pass a message through a staff member on the gate or call the school office who will arrange for the teacher to call you back, thank you. 

For those parents who due to work or other commitments do not get the opportunity to touch base with their child's teacher on a regular basis in the playground, please ask to make an appointment with the class teacher through the school office. 


  • Headteacher: Miss Moneypenny 
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mr Mattingly 
  • Assistant Headteacher: Mr Young
  • EYFS Phase Leader: Miss Lovell
  • KS2 Phase Leader: Mrs Gray
  • Cook: Mrs Wells 
  • Office Manager: Miss Waites 

2021 - 2022

The class teachers for this academic year are: 

  • Nursery - Mrs Dowsett
  • Reception - Miss Lovell / Mrs Notarianni 
  • Year 1 - Miss Aldridge / Mrs Davis
  • Year 2 - Ms Mark / Mrs Bailey / Mrs Norton
  • Year 3 - Ms Cain / Miss Lucas 
  • Year 4 - Miss Goodrich / Mrs Maskell / Mr Young 
  • Year 5 - Miss Twite / Mr Mattingly
  • Year 6 - Mrs Gray / Mrs Bennett