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Maths at RAPs

At Richmond Avenue Primary School and Nursery we work to ensure all children have a wide range of interesting and engaging learning opportunities to help then develop their maths skills. 

We teach children utilising the progression from Concrete --> Pictorial --> Abstract learning so that children can develop and progress at their own rates whilst still ensuring they are taught all of the curriculum aspects of maths.

Our teaching enables pupils to make steps in their learning through the use of carefully selected ‘manipulative’ resources, with support provided for those that need it in immediate pre and post teaching interventions. This enables them to ‘keep up, not catch up’. Challenge is also provided for those pupils who are ready to go a little broader or deeper with their learning; pupils are not, however, pushed on to new content.

In this way teachers are able to keep the whole learning group focussed on the same aspect of mathematics so that when learning points are made explicit and explored, this is available to all learners.

Mathematical fluency is a central part of mathematical success. Pupils who know their times tables by heart, their number bonds to 20, can quickly and accurately derive the inverse of known facts and can manipulate digits across place value to enable efficient mental calculation are at a huge advantage over those who cannot. Therefore, every pupil from Year One has a weekly times table or number bond test and receives teaching on mathematical fluency.

There is also a whole school weekly competition – ‘Times Table Mastermind’ and a competition to achieve the highest number of ‘progressions’ each week in each class on our ‘online tutor’ Maths Whizz.