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Curriculum Statement

The Richmond Motto is

‘Learning and Achieving Together’.

We passionately believe that all pupils are entitled to receive an inspiring and challenging curriculum which enables pupils to develop their natural curiosity, make strong links between subjects and achieve to their full potential.

We know that children who are enthusiastic and able readers are better equipped to engage and achieve in all areas of learning, so we have therefore adopted a book-based curriculum.

Each year groups termly work is centred around a high quality class text, with the progression of reading skills (both decoding and comprehension) interweaved with reading for pleasure and explicit links to work in all other areas of the curriculum.

The curriculum is further enriched by regular visits, trips and visitors linked to themes being studied, a range of extra-curricular clubs as well as residential trips in Years Five and Six.

To that end, each subject that we teach has a rationale that explains the Intent, Implementation and Impact for that subject. 

Each of these can be read below. 

If you would like any further information on the curriculum, please contact the school office - or if you have a child in school, please just ask the class teachers or phase leaders  

Alternatively, the full National Curriculum can be found by clicking here 


Growth Mindset

We are working to develop the children's understanding of a positive Growth Mindset. 

Pupils with a growth mindset

  • Believe that talents can be developed and great abilities can be built over time
  • View mistakes as a learning experience
  • Are resilient
  • Believe that effort creates success
  • Think about how they learn


Pupils with a fixed mindset

  • Believe that talent alone creates success
  • Are reluctant to take on challenges
  • Prefer to stay in their comfort zone 
  • Are fearful of making mistakes
  • Think it is important to 'look smart' in front of others
  • Believe that talents and abilities are set in stone, you either have them or you don't