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  • Coronavirus Updates

    Published 14/04/20

    School Reopening - September 

    As a group of schools, we have been discussing at length, planning and reviewing and acting on the guidance from the DfE regarding how all of your children will return to school. 

    The world is not as we knew it before the pandemic. For some, there will be life-changing consequences. For many these changes may seem less obvious or less dramatic. They are nevertheless, still present and very important.

    For many children and staff, September will be the first time that all have met, face to face since March. The emphasis on well-being and mental health is prevalent in all of the schools’ planning for September. Not just of our children, but of our staff and our community.

    There are significant logistical bridges to cross in readiness for September. Including the daily changing and updating guidance from the DfE. All of the risk assessments have been undertaken and signed off by the Trust Board’s Committee.

    We will continue to follow the guidance as it develops throughout the summer holidays. It is an expectation by the DfE that any family holidays are taken during the summer break and that all children will be present on the first day back on the required date September. Our schools will open their doors to all children on 7th September. Everyone is very much looking forward to seeing all of your children.

    Staff, who return to work on 2nd September, will be working together to ensure that the revised curriculum offer is understood by all who work with your children.

    As a whole staff, we continue to wish you and your families good health at this challenging time.

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  • LETTER TO PARENTS: July 2020

    Published 19/03/20

    Dear Parents/ Carers,

    I am writing to inform you of the plans for the Autumn Term when we are hoping to have all children back with us. Please note, all of the below remains subject to change following any updates to government guidance over the summer.

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